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CHRIS ROBINSON (Solo Acoustic) plus support Vetiver(duo) Presented by (((folkYEAH!))) & KPIG Radio

Chris Robinson is one of the most respected musicians of his generation and has sold over 36 million records during the span of his career. Born Christopher Mark Robinson in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966, he grew up in a musical household absorbing all manner of influences from music, art and literature. This artistic melting pot of his youth would eventually lead to the creation of the band, Mr. Crowe’s Garden, in 1984. Robinson's on-stage presence and soulful voice, coupled with a solid presence on the college radio indie rock scene, led to the band signing a deal with American Recordsin 1989.

Changing their name to The Black Crowes, their debut album, Shake Your Money
Maker, sold over 6 million copies and contained the now timeless rock ’n’ roll hits,
“Hard To Handle,” “Jealous Again,” “She Talks To Angels” and “Twice As Hard.” For
Chris, this was the beginning of what would be a 25-plus year career on the road. The 1990s saw incredible popularity for the band and would lead to them touring for
almost a decade straight. During this period the band recorded eight studio albums.
Most notably their second album released in 1992, The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion, debuted at No. 1. on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. After a well - documented tumultuous relationship between the founding members of The Black Crowes, the group finally dissolved in 2014. Over the years Chris has collaborated with other legendary artists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, in addition to Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead. Besides these musical collaborations he has continued producing and writing with a myriad of other artists.

In 2011, Robinson formed a new band called the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. The
self-described “farm to table psychedelic rock band” was born out of a California
musical tradition. To date the band has released four studio albums and a handful of
EPs, while touring relentlessly and playing sold out shows across the U.S. The band has also released three live albums, Betty’s Blends Vol. 1, 2 & 3, which were produced by legendary Grateful Dead archivist Betty Cantor Jackson. Robinson established the band, now known to many devout fans as the “CRB,” with a progressive, dynamic rock ‘n’ roll sound. Simultaneously, Chris has continued his legacy as one of the most esteemed musicians of his time.